Now that you have your protocol set, you are ready to start monitoring your first patients.

Create a patient card

  •  Select “New patient” in the upper right corner of your dashboard.
  • Simply fill in their information and check “SEND ACTIVATION E-MAIL NOW” to send them their login information to DM. Without an ID and password information, they will not be able to use the Dental Monitoring Application.

Note: You can also enter a secondary e-mail address that will receive a copy of all communications sent to the patient. This feature is particularly useful for younger patients: you can send their parents a copy of all your messages.

After you have clicked “Create patient”, the patient will receive an e-mail containing:

  • A link to download the Dental Monitoring app (App Store for the iPhones and iPod touch or the Play Store for Android smartphones).
  • A link to activate and open automatically their Dental Monitoring app. This link will only work once.
  • A personal ID and password to use for any connection to an additional device, or after the app has been uninstalled or logged out of

Note: If after several minutes after sending the activation email it does not appear in the patient’s inbox, please don’t hesitate to check in the « spam », then contact Dental Monitoring if the email is not available in spam.

You can start the monitoring whenever you’re ready. The subscription-only starts when you click “Start”. We recommend creating the patient file ahead of time and starting the monitoring at the bonding appointment.


Start monitoring a patient

Does your clinic use Dolphin Imaging ®?
When creating a patient, you can now synchronize patient data on Dolphin with Dental Monitoring.
After a quick set-up on Dolphin Imaging®, you can fill create DM patient files from Dolphin and access DM patient files directly from Dolphin.

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Dr. Terry Sellke

Dr. Terry Sellke

Dr Terry Sellke opened his orthodontic specialty practice in 1974. He and his partners, Don Reily and Olga Kats, have offices in Antioch, Grayslake and Gurnee, Illinois. Dr. Sellke relentlessly incorporates new technologies and systems enhancements that allows the practice to achieve exceptional results in shorter appointments, fewer appointments, and fewer months in treatment while running on time-every moment of every day. The result is a stress-free environment that is fun to go to day after day.

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