When you modify a protocol template, the newest version of the protocol will not be automatically applied to patients.
If you want the latest version of the protocol to be used for some patients, you need to apply it to them.

To apply a protocol to multiple patients at once:

1. Open your protocol library: Protocols

2. Open the protocol you want to apply to your patients

3. Click on “Select patients to update with this version”

4. Use the filters to select the set of patients you want to apply the latest version of the protocol to.

Current protocol: Which protocol does your patient currently have? By default, it’s set to the protocol you’ve selected, but you can choose any protocol in your library, including “All” (which means “any protocol”).
Custom version: yes (the protocol has been personalised to the patient compared to the initial protocol template – scan frequency, excluded teeth, … ), no (the protocol is identical to the initial protocol template)
Aligner change type: dynamic (GoLive activated) or traditional (GoLive deactivated).

WARNING: any particular setting of a patient’s protocol (unique scan frequency, excluded teeth) will be erased and replaced by the new version of the protocol. For these patients with customised versions, you will need to manually update the protocol for each individual patient (through the PROTOCOL tab > Change Protocol). Once a new protocol has been selected all modifications will need to be re-entered eg. exclusions re-entered, scan intervals etc before pressing SAVE.

5. When you change the filters, the patient list is updated. You can select patients individually or select the whole filtered list.

6. Review your selection carefully: the action cannot be undone!

7. Click on “Apply to XX patient(s)”.

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Dr. Nesrine Bouattour

Dr. Nesrine Bouattour

Doctor of Dental Medicine and Project Manager at Dental Monitoring.

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