Welcome to the DM Self Learning Program!

To begin, we recommend taking few minutes to explore the program and review all the modules, before starting your first course.
Make sure to include your team as well, as they will be a crucial part of this journey!

After you complete this program you will be able to:

  • Understand the paradigm shift involved with the integration of new technologies and learn how to set up the right mindset from the beginning
  • Better understand all aspects of Dental Monitoring both as a product and as a concept
  • Implement the right workflows and automate the whole process
  • Efficiently and easily train your teams even with high turnovers
  • Learn how to set up protocols & decision trees for all kinds of treatment monitoring
  • Reinvent the patient journey from the first call to post treatment
  • Optimize your schedule and increase your profits

Introduction to DM

Module 1

Staff training

Module 2

Aligner treatment monitoring

Module 3

3D monitoring & fixed appliances

Module 4

Lead generation & marketing tips

Module 5

Good luck as you get started. We hope you enjoy the learning journey!

If you have questions, feel free to contact us