Module 2: Staff Training

Your team is the key to a successful DM implementation as they will be working closely with the platform. There are 3 factors for their success: Training, training and training some more. This module will provide you with all the necessary materials you need to: assign roles within the team; work together synergistically; delegate and manage the dashboard and clinical notifications; make clinical decisions; and master the virtual consultations.

Assigning roles for the team

Danielle Biddle (DMC)


Danielle shares her insights on how to properly assign roles for team members and get everyone involved with Dental Monitoring.

How to train your staff

Danielle Biddle (DMC)


Danielle shows us how she trained her team after re-assigning roles.

Systems considerations

Danielle Biddle (DMC)


In this video, Danielle shows how her and her team go the extra mile to give their patients the wow factor.

The DM patient journey

Michelle Woolrdige (DMC)


Michelle explains briefly how she and her team manage and conduct each patient visit and what educational materials they use.

DM talking points for new patients

Dr. Barry Glaser


It all starts with patient acceptance. Learn the 5 arguments you and your TC can use to build the perfect pitch and see your conversion rate go through the roof.

TC & doctor scripting

Dr. Steven Semaan


How to simplify the communication process with your staff and patients through graphic handouts, educational videos and a strong pitch that will give you a marketing edge.

Overcoming challenges of onboarding new patients

Melissa Beldose


Melissa shares from her experience what challenges you may face when onboarding new patients and how to respond.

DMC Journey testimonial 1

Cortni Blight (DMC)


Cortni shares her journey of evolving from a dental assistant to a full-time DMC.

DMC Journey testimonial 2

Casey Vecchio (DMC)


Casey shares her journey of evolving from a dental assistant to a full-time DMC.

Daily & weekly DMC tasks

Danielle Biddle (DMC)


To help you manage the DM dashboard in the most efficient way, Danielle breaks it down to daily, weekly and monthly tasks. Follow her instructions here.

Maintaining virtual appointments

Danielle Biddle (DMC)


Monthly virtual appointments are as important as in-office checkups. In this video you will learn how to conduct monthly virtual appointments and what to look for in these virtual checkups.

Managing the dashboard

Dr. Rhonda Coyne


Actively managing notifications and your dashboard will allow you to get the best out of DM and maximize the benefits for your patients and your practice. Dr. Coyne shares her tips & tricks.

Reviewing clinical notifications

Cortni Blight (DMC)


Cortni Blight (DMC) navigates the dashboard and reviews real time clinical notifications to show you how she handles them: The pause feature – How to exclude a tooth? – Bracket debonding notification – Slight unseat notification – Archwire disengagement – Noticeable unseat – Direct message from patient for a clinical advice – Multiple NoGos.

Managing the virtual clinic

Dr. Rhonda Coyne


Learn how to “monitor the monitoring,” as Dr. Coyne describes the 4 steps to setting up a virtual clinic in your practice and building a framework for managing patients.

Top tips & pitfalls to avoid for DMCs

Michelle Woolrdige (DMC)


In this short video, Michelle shares her top 19 tips to follow and 11 pitfalls to avoid as a DMC.