Module 1: Introduction to DM

Dental Monitoring is more than just a product, it’s a disruptive technology that will completely change your approach to orthodontic treatment management. To ensure success in implementing DM, take a look at this module to learn about the real benefits it can bring to your practice; how to adapt to the paradigm shift; how to change your office systems and team roles; and how to develop best practices.

The benefits of integrating DM

Dr. Rhonda Coyne


If you haven’t already started to incorporate Dental Monitoring into your practice, this video will introduce the major benefits it offers your business, your team and your patients.

The paradigm shift

Dr. Alexander Waldman


In the words of Dr. Waldman, “It’s easy to change an appliance. It’s easy to change the type of wire you use or even the aligner company you use but it’s really hard to change who you are and your belief systems.”

[re]inventing the patient journey in the virtual era

Dr. Alexander Waldman


Dr. Waldman explains how Dental Monitoring will completely change the patient journey and what to do at each of the following milestones: new patient call, first consult, start of visit, patient education, at-home virtual consult, office visit and retention monitoring.

Mindset for success

Dr. Steven Semaan


Dr. Semaan takes us through his incredible journey and shares his insights on how he was able to reach 1000 treatment starts per year as a single-doctor practice. The five stepping stones that helped him reach his goal are: developing a growth mindset, investing in learning, putting in place the right systems, automation, and delegation.

Implementation tips & tricks

Dr. Rhonda Coyne


Implementing DM efficiently into your practice requires a paradigm shift and the implementation of several new processes. In this video, Dr. Coyne shares her insights on what makes this transition a success.

Changing your office systems & roles

Dr. Steven Semaan


As with any kind of revolution, adaptation and evolution are required. Integrating Dental Monitoring into your office will require some changes in your office systems, your office setup and the roles of your team. In this video, Dr. Semaan will teach you what these necessary changes are and how to execute them successfully.

Patient Management Systems

Dr. Steven Semaan


In this video, Dr. Semaan shares his tips to ensure that you are giving your patients the best treatment experience through successful patient management.

Scheduling Considerations

Dr. Steven Semaan


Remotely monitoring your patients means that you no longer have to book as many regular checkups to observe how treatment is progressing. You can now do this virtually at any time and from anywhere. This is an opportunity to reconsider the way you schedule your appointments in order to maximize efficiency.

DM talking points for new patients

Dr. Barry Glaser


It all starts with patient acceptance. Learn the 5 arguments you and your TC can use to build the perfect pitch and see your conversion rate go through the roof.

Let your market know that you’re using this technology

Dr. Steven Semaan


Create your USP within your community by telling every local dentist, parent and adult patient that you are using AI technology to remotely monitor their treatment.