Maintaining the number of patients your practice needs to be financially sound is a new reality. After the reaction to the shut-down, we are moving to a proactive state in keeping your practice healthy.

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Dr Andrea Cook

Dr Andrea Cook

Andrea Cook’s in-office, hands on training motivates and energizes orthodontic clinical teams. Her “clinical pearls” are polished from 20 years experience as a chair side assistant with outstanding orthodontic practices. She works as a clinical consultant and trainer for premier orthodontic offices across the country. Since effectively training clinical team members is a critical portion to the advancement of clinical productivity and profitability Andrea works with teams to increase efficiency, improve communication and guides the office to a new level of excellence. Her years of experience include working in single, double, and multi doctor practices. She has extensive experience as clinical coordinator for a multi doctor practice seeing over 120 patients per day. Andrea’s expertise provides her unique insight to solutions for the multitude of challenges faced everyday by orthodontic clinical teams.