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The future of orthodontics is DIGITAL whether we like it or not

By December 14, 2021 No Comments

The future of Orthodontics IS digital whether you like it or not. Whether you are using Aligners or Wires!!

How can you most effectively maintain control of your patients that are becoming reluctant to visit the clinic especially during the pandemic ?  More than that, how can you use this technology to thrive in this rapidly changing world?

We have better managed our face to face appointments while maintaining the number of clinical starts.  By using remote monitoring and auxiliaries, my clinical time in the practice has been reduced from 9 clinical doctor days (2 locations and 2 Clinicians) to 4 clinical doctor days across the two locations, and the same number of starts.

This presentation will take you through how you can do this to and how much your patients will appreciate it, as they interact with remote monitoring and the technology, becoming more engaged in the treatment process.

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Theo Baisi

Theo Baisi

In 2001, The Ortho Practice was born. After a number of years, Dr Baisi acquired the business and set about developing it further as a practice of excellence and distinction. The Ortho Practice continues today enjoying great results for all patients with Dr Baisi’s expertise and energetic and fun personality. As well as operating this highly regarded private practice, Dr Baisi’s devotion to his profession has led him to hold a variety of teaching positions at the University of Sydney. Over the past 30 years, he has lectured and tutored at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, at the University of Sydney. Dr Baisi is also an active member of the greater orthodontic community, holding many titles including several years as President of the Australian Society of Orthodontists, NSW Branch. He has been the Hon. Treasurer of the Australasian Orthodontic Board, and Hon. Treasurer of the Australian Society of Orthodontist.